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17 June, 2009


Finally my intership training end lur~ ↖(^ω^)↗ Now i'm having my holiday until end of July. T_T i sick for 1 whole month since.... end of May..... now still cough cough cough >___<

Now i got nothing to do @@~ eh.... actually got.... my freelance work... XD Lazy to do, but need to rush to get all done before July ~.~ Then after that i will go for S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G ↖(^0^)↗ to look for a nice bag for myself ^^


06 May, 2009

Long Time No See

~~ ( ^ _ ^ ) ~~ harlo, long time no see. Didn't update my blog for a long period d... since i back to school... and somemore nowadays.... busy ..... playing... game ~ XD wakaka..!

Currently I'm working in IOI Mall to complete my internship ( 3 months ) @@~ now 1 month left... T___T i dont wanna back to school.... sienz ( u_u )

giv u see my photo.... in my office.... #_#

03 August, 2008


无聊了那么久 我又跑去看电影了。。。 原本有点想放弃赤壁这部电影的 因为一些朋友不太想看和其他人的评语 影响了我。 玩了赤壁游戏之后 想了解一下赤壁这部3国故事 到底是怎拍的,拍得怎样的关系 就想去看了。想看看是不是像一些人所说的那么糟啊~

今天下午看了赤壁之后 我倒觉得这部电影并没有很烂啦~ 只是可能不合一些人的口味吧。这部电影还蛮有笑点的 我个人觉得我蛮喜欢这样的吧 比较不会闷。。。 可是就有人觉得诸葛亮演得不够稳重 可能也是应该常开玩笑的关系吧。。。

再来救是。。。梁朝伟的部分了, 朝伟常常让我联想到 跟限制级的戏份扯上关系。果然 这部戏也不例外, 女主角就是林志玲。 我觉得那几秒钟的床戏有点 不太需要到。不过。。。反正整体而言 我觉得赤壁这部电影 还可以 期待下一集。

终于终于。。。都到来了。。。 我又要回到校园了。明天我就+又正式开课了,现在心情有点复杂 加担心,不知道那里的人好不好相处。上星期去报到办手续什么的 就有遇到不友善的老师们 所以格外担心 接下来在那学校的日子, 毕竟也是一所私立的学校。。。 希望同学都很友善就好。

期待好的开始吧~ 加油加油加油!!! ^^

31 July, 2008


= = 昨天晚上我睡客厅了。。。为什么勒?

我老爸咯。。。叫他喷蚊油结果喷酱多。。。真的整个房间真的油油又臭臭 XD!!! 所以只好睡客厅了。。。 T____T

还有。。前阵子都在玩赤壁内测线上游戏。。。也算有点事做 没那么无聊 不过勒。。现在没得玩了 要等公测 又很无聊了。。 这几天来去看电影好了 不然我下星期要开学了 有点小担心,希望事事顺利~

20 July, 2008

The Dark Knight

Yesterday, 20 July, I went MV with PohTing and Jerry for movie =) The Dark Knight. I can't remember when was the last time I watch Batman show... maybe I should say cartoon? =.=" it was years back... when I was still a kid...

I felt that this movie is kind of serious movie and as compare to Iron Man, Iron Man is a fun show. I didn't say I don't like The Dark Knight, is just that I do prefer fun one and I still like the Batman and Joker which are awesome and great characters .

13 July, 2008


I just read some of the reviews from a few website la.... about er... N95

It doesnt has a very good review and rating as what I expected...

Why? What scare me away T___T I saw they say N95 got multiple bugs, slow. used to crashed often, and kesian punya battery life. After reading those reviews, saw a lot of people got the same problems i also sudah takut...

I think to make myself safe... I should consider N96 but tak tau the price yet.... maybe tomoro go n ask...


Last decision...

Have been thinking of 1 problem these weeks....

I had mentioned that i got to get myself a new hp cuz my old phone edy koyak = =" Haiz~~ I really got no idea what and which phone to buy... Finally I decided not to get HTC or any PDA phone... perhaps...? Hmm... I have never use any Sony Ericsson phone and maybe Nokia N95? u.u I dont know.....

PLEASE~! Tell me~!!! /________\ maybe... nokia....